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With a growing population of more than 70,000 black bears, Quebec, located in Canada, is a prime destination for spring black bear hunting. It is possible to hunt with several types of weapons such as bow, crossbow, rifle and Shotgun. It is also possible to hunt it in various ways. Whether you want to have an experience on the ground and close to bears or a more conventional hunt in a treestand, we will meet your needs.

Our sector of activity is located in the prestigious Laurentides Wildlife Reserve. We have 120 active baits on an exclusive territory of more than 7800 km2 (3012 miles2), which allows us to maintain a hunting success rate of more than 95% year after year. We have several types of packages and hosting available.

In addition to bear hunting, everything can be combined with speckled trout fishing or gray trout fishing or various outings and activities, allowing you to discover the culture and the very beautiful province that is Quebec!

Our experienced guides will take care of you so that you can have an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

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